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About Modulog

Humble Beginnings
Ron Berge, Founder

Log homes are part of the American tradition and have always been admired. But there are problems with log homes. They are difficult to wire and plumb. They shift and settle, and they are expensive. Because of these problems, only the well heeled or the aesthetically obsessed are able to achieve their dream of owning a log home. This leaves hundreds of thousands of American families yearning for a less expensive way to own a log home.

It was within this context that Ron Berge and his son, Steve, began experimenting with ways to achieve an authentic log exterior that could be applied with the ease of ordinary wood siding.

500th Customer
1000th Sale

The single missing ingredient to a believable log substitute was the criss-crossing log corners that give the look of solid logs. With a conceptual leap of faith, Ron and Steve figured out how to configure and bond solid log ends directly to lengths of log siding.

Success required right and left hand corners to keep the weather lap up and allow the log end to snugly embrace the curved log surface to achieve a water tight joint.

Aerial View
Aerial View

Various patents were applied for; the company was formed and Modulog began to market the product. Supplying the remodeling and new construction  industry accounted for the initial growth of the company. Growth has continued for over 25 years to include the Factory Housing industry and Modular Industry.

Since those early days, Modulog has expanded its manufacturing facilities in Portland, Oregon to supply its network of remodeling dealers and its wholesale distribution division. Modulog’s history of on-time delivery and uncompromising focus on quality products account for the company’s place as leader in the industry.

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