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Installing Modulog Log Siding

Modulog Siding with Patented Log Ends

What is Modulog Siding?

 “America's Favorite Log Siding”

A PATENTED SIDING SYSTEM – Modulog siding is first and foremost, a siding product that looks like logs but requires 75% less wood. It incorporates a patented solid log corner and has the unique advantage of giving an authentic log look to any house.

We only use the Finest Coastal Western Red Cedar Trees from British Columbia, Canada. Milled at our Portland, Oregon Headquarters. Only Top- Grade A trees are  Chosen. This allows for Select Tight Knot and consistent Grain and Knot appearance. Our Log Ends, Trim, Accessories, etc. are the same Standard of Cedar!  Our milled Cedar is Kiln dried to a Moisture Content of 16% and every piece is hand Chosen & Stained for quality control.

Our Modulog Coastal BC Western Red Cedar fiber is unique and different from all other growth areas in the World. Due to rainforest rainfall, soil nutrients, and ground moisture, the resulting  fiber tanins and oils combine to create the growth. This in turn affects the grain density, lack of sapwood, stability and overall durability. It is also resistant to rot and insects. This is why it is the Best Cedar in the World.

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